Cancellation policy:

If you are on an auto pay unlimited membership, you will have a 12 hour cancellation window. If you cancel prior to 12 hours before the start of class, there will be no fee. If you cancel after the 12 hour mark, there is a $15 late cancel fee. If you cancel within 2 hours of class or no show, there is a $25 late cancellation fee.

If you are on an intro package, a Groupon, a class package, or an 8x per month or 12x per month membership, there is a 12 hour cancellation window. If you cancel within 12 hours of class you will lose that class. If you cancel within 2 hours of class or no show, you will lose the class you booked AS WELL as be charged a $15 cancellation fee.

We are no longer accepting same day class switches and any class canceled will be considered a late cancel. If you late cancel, you will be charged the appropriate late fee/or lose a class, even if you take another class the same day.

Waitlist Cancellation Policy:

Once you are added from the waitlist, you are in class. You do NOT need to confirm this class once you are added.

If you can no longer make it, you must cancel prior to 12 hours before class to avoid a class deduction and/or a late fee. 

Waitlists are active up to 12 hours before a class start time. If a spot becomes open, you will automatically be added into class. 

You can get added to the waitlist up to 12 hours prior to class time. Clients are responsible for keeping an eye on their waitlisted classes and are required to cancel through their account if they can no longer make it.

In the event you are worried you can not make a class that you are waitlisted for, it is the your responsibility to cancel that class prior to the 12 hour mark. Ultimately it is your responsibility to know what classes you are waitlisted for and to remove any that you no longer want or are unable to make. To cancel a waitlisted class that you have NOT been added from, go to My Info / My Schedule/ [waitlists]. Please keep an eye on this as there will be no exceptions for missed classes or late fees.

After the waitlist closes at the 12 hour mark, it becomes a "free-for-all" in terms of signing up for classes. If there is an empty spot in a class that you want, you can then sign up as you won’t be added from the waitlist once it closes.

Please note, you may be added from several waitlists on the same day. It is the your responsibility to cancel the classes you will not attend prior to 12 hours before class time.

In order to prevent a late fee and/or a class deduction, we highly recommend you check your settings through your account, and be sure you are signed up for auto email and auto text messages. However, we are not responsible for missed texts or emails and the best way to monitor your classes is always through your account.

Sweat House is a community built on studio etiquette, and for the studio to run smoothly, and for all of our clients to be able to take their desired classes, it's imperative that clients cancel their classes within the late cancel window. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation with these policies and we are confident these policies will help to ensure clients get the opportunity to take their desired classes.