Social distancing, lockdowns, restrictions loosening, potential lockdowns again—no one knows when things will get back to normal. But one thing’s for sure: your health and wellness can’t wait until COVID-19 is a thing of the past.


So, if you’ve put on the quarantine 15, are struggling to maintain your energy, are dealing with chronic stress and anxiety, and/or have let your health and wellness slide in other ways, today is the day to do something about it. Here are a few inexpensive ways you can start:


Be nutrition-conscious.


Being stuck at home for weeks or months on end makes it harder than ever to stick to a healthy diet. If you've been reaching for the potato chips or ordering delivery pizza to go along with your Netflix binging, you’re not alone. But at some point, it’s essential to figure out a practical, healthy eating routine. After all, weight gain is only the beginning of the problems that come with poor eating habits. Out of all the healthy habits worth adopting, ScienceDaily explains that eating well can make the most significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing.


There are plenty of healthy, scrumptious and inexpensive meals and snacks to make at home, which means that you can save a ton of money by not dining out (or ordering in). For example, with ingredients that you already have in the pantry, you may be able to make meals like legume quesadillas, spinach tortellini soup, or brinner (breakfast for dinner). And it’s hard to beat snack options like cashews, avocado toast, and apples with peanut butter. Of course, by eating well, you afford yourself the occasional, responsible splurge meal or snack.


Get moving.


Along with nutrition, Healthline points out that exercise can do wonders for weight loss and better overall health and wellbeing. Physically, it can improve your cardiovascular health, strengthen your muscles and bones, and reduce the likelihood of disease. Mentally, it can enhance concentration and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression symptoms. Regular exercise is also known to boost mood and self-esteem.


While there’s an element of making yourself exercise even when you don’t feel like it, it’s important to find an activity or two that you enjoy (to an extent). That way, sticking to your routine will be a more practical goal. There are countless activities that can provide you with a good workout, including:


  • Running

  • Brisk walking

  • Hiking

  • Swimming

  • Weightlifting

  • HIIT

  • Yoga

  • Racquetball

  • Tennis

  • Basketball

  • The Lagree method


One thing that may help motivate you to start an exercise routine is to purchase some new workout clothes and gear. When you’re on a budget, however, this can present challenges, which is why it’s important to shop at the right places. For instance, you can find a large selection of discounted clothes and gear at retailers like Nordstrom Rack. And to save even more money, you can use online coupons and promo codes.


Go to bed.


Sleep is a necessity. Not only does adequate sleep help you to be more alert, energetic, and productive throughout the day, but it can also promote good eating habits and enhance your exercise routine. Moreover, a great night's sleep can give you a serious boost mentally and emotionally—and it doesn’t cost a dime. Shoot for seven to nine hours each night, and consider any changes you can make to your routine that can help you avoid expensive medications.


Relax on the reg.


Finally, relax. There are plenty of free or inexpensive ways to relax and have fun. Whether it’s doing a hobby, winding down with a book, going camping on the weekend, or doing anything else that helps you step away from your daily obligations for a moment, make time for relaxation on a weekly (or daily) basis. Recharging will take your health and well-being to the next level.


You may not know what will happen next with the pandemic, but you can control how you take care of your health and wellbeing now. Be conscious of your food intake, and follow a regular exercise routine. Be sure to get the sleep your body and mind need, and find ways to relax often. Not only will establishing healthy habits like these help you to navigate these uncertain times, but they will also help you thrive in the long-term.