Posted by Ashlyn on Oct 18, 2019

Working out, for many, is a way of life. Like water, food, and rest, exercise is essential to their survival. While there are tons of workouts a person can do and a variety of places to choose from, we argue that a small workout studio is far more beneficial than a mega-gym. Here’s why:


Walk into a big gym, and the only person who probably notices is yourself. Walk into a small fitness studio, and you are most likely greeted by name by the trainer and other members – it truly is a fitness community. Groups tend to be much smaller and will notice and comment on your absence or your progress. At Sweat House, we strive to provide a community-based space where you feel safe, encouraged, and motivated. Your instructors and peers are rooting for you, so you have more motivation in showing up and working hard.


Form and Movements

Not only does everybody know your name (cue the “Cheers” theme song), your instructor has a smaller group to watch as you do your workouts. Take a class at a big gym, and you’ll get lost in the shuffle. With classes of just 8 students, we are able to spot you faster if you’re doing an exercise with the wrong form. We can focus on each client’s posture and body alignment in every class, and trainers can quickly provide proper modifications when needed. In addition, whether you like it or not (probably the latter), your instructor and peers will catch you if you slack. We are able to not only focus on providing a kick-ass workout, but your safety can be easily achieved in our small setting.


Specialized Methods

Smaller fitness studios specialize in specific methods and equipment that deliver results in a shorter amount of time. Rather than walking around a gym deciding which exercise to do next, Sweat House offers a much more efficient workout than traditional options. In our 50-minute classes, you will work the entire time. There are no breaks, no chit chat, and no slacking off – which ultimately means visible results and a challenging workout that’s completed in less than an hour. “Lagree fitness is the only workout that effectively combines strength, endurance, cardio, balance, core, and flexibility training not only in one session, but in each and every move!” (Sebastien Lagree)


The Overall Experience

It can be intimidating to walk into a gym where you don’t know the machines, the exercises, the other clients, or even the people sitting at the desk checking you in. You might wonder if everyone is watching you, questioning if you know what you’re doing, or just judging your outfit or your looks. When you walk into Sweat House, you are greeted with smiles from the only other 8 people who are there, you are guaranteed a machine to workout on, and you are guaranteed a challenging, motivating workout guided by a certified Lagree instructor.