Working out while on vacation... a must or a no-no? If you’re like me, going a few days (or even just one) without a workout is not easy to do. Life without exercise (especially when eating and drinking more than usual) is totally foreign. When I vacation, the first thing I look for is a local Lagree studio where I can try out new trainers, new routines, and check out new studios. Most studios have new client specials available, so you can usually try a class for less than $20. But what if there are no Megaformers near your vacation spot? Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of workout ideas you can do while you’re away from Sweat House OC:

* Try the hotel gym. You can get your cardio fix with a stationary bike or treadmill, or you can use the free weights. You can still lunge and squat without a Megaformer (but remember the tips your trainer gives you in every class), and many of the arm exercises we do in class can also be done with free weights! There’s nothing like a Wheelbarrow, Teaser, or French Twist for your abs and obliques, but hold a plank as long as you can to get your abs working!

* Not a fan of the gym? What better way to explore your new surroundings than to go on a long walk! Your concierge will most likely have a map of the local area – so put on your walking shoes, grab a water and sunscreen, and check our your new locale!

* If you’re looking to get a little more strenuous exercise, check out local hikes. You’ll still get to explore, and depending on where you are, you might also get to see some waterfalls, amazing views, critters you wouldn’t see at home, and maybe even some local _____. Not sure where to find a local hike? Just Google “Hikes near me,” or ask your concierge! * What if you’re not in the mood to exercise while you’re vacationing? Don’t worry – you won’t lose your fitness overnight. If you’re choosing not to workout, try to watch your calorie intake a little more than you might normally do. You don’t have to completely cut things out... just modify! Instead of a Mai Tai (loaded with calories and sugar), try a vodka and soda with some fresh lime juice. Instead of a Pina Colada, go for a vodka and soda with pineapple juice. Watching your calories doesn’t have to mean you totally cut things out... just get creative!

* Still missing your Megaformer workouts? Check out trainer (and Lagree Master Trainer) Sharnee Lee Scott’s hotel room Lagree workouts! Search on Instragram under @sharnee_lee_scott_fitness or #sharneefitspo for Lagree-style workouts you can do from the privacy of your own room. Most importantly, remember that you’re on vacation! Although working out is important for everyone and necessary for some... allowing yourself to take time off and truly relax is another key to a happy and healthy life!